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Air Conditioning

Repairs to your car's Air Conditioning system

Air Conditioning systems need regular servicing to ensure they are working effectively. 1st Class Garage recommend a yearly service on all Air Conditioning units.

Over time, bacteria builds up in the air input system. Heavy bacteria build-up is usually indicated by a stale smell emanating from the Air Conditioning unit whenever it is in operation.

Air Conditioning systems contain gases which gradually leak, reducing the systems' ability to function efficiently. All systems should be switched on at least 2 or 3 times a week to reduce the possibility of leaks occurring, even during the winter months.

At 1st Class Garage we can remove bacteria from Air Conditioning systems, and we recommend you have this done on a regular basis. We can refill systems with gas and test for any leaks that may be present. We are also qualified to carry out repairs on Air Conditioning systems.