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Auto Tuning

Keeping your engine running smoothly

These days, tuning is done via computerised Electronic Control Units (ECUs), which constantly monitor and control the way engines and transmissions perform. ECUs automatically adjust engine timing and emissions by receiving signals from various sensors fitted around the engine and transmission. These sensors constantly monitor temperatures, engine and road speeds, exhaust gases, throttle positions, and pressures within the engine. and send signals to various motors, actuators, and solenoids to regulate and adjust the engine and transmission components for optimum performance. This removes the need for manual tuning.

These systems are not without problems though and require the use of diagnostic equipment to identify any problems. Sometimes the systems get rogue signals and just require 'rebooting'.

We work with companies who are able to replace the cheaper microchip control units installed in the factory with a more advanced chip that will improve the efficiency and performance of the engine.

Of course, there are still older cars on the road which require tuning. A lot of technicians today are unfamiliar with components such as carburettors, as they do not exist in modern cars. But here are still a lot of cars out there which have these components. These regularly need to have points gapped and timings set manually. Also the vacuum advance and retard or the centrifugal advance and retard on the distributors of older engines must be checked regularly.

We understand what is required in both modern and older engines and are able to perform whatever tuning work is necessary.