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Brighton Tyres

Tyre fitting and repairs

There is a huge selection of tyres available on the market. Some are of a very high quality, while other, cheaper tyres may not be so reliable. It is worth noting that a cheaper version is unlikely to last as long as a well-known, branded tyre, although this may not make a huge difference if the car is mostly used for short, undemanding journeys.

Wheel alignment is also an important factor in the lifetime of a tyre. It's no good putting an expensive tyre on a car if the wheels are out of alignment, because the tyre will wear down just as quickly as a cheap one.

We supply and fit tyres at the garage, something that a lot of other garages don't do. We can fit whatever type of tyre you wish, whether you want the specific tyres recommended by the car manufacturer or a cheaper option. If we haven't got a particular tyre in stock, we can usually get it within an hour or two, although in some cases it may take one working day. We also carry out computerised wheel balancing, puncture repairs, and above all, give good advice.