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Engine Rebuilds

Experts at stripping and rebuilding engines

Cars of today don't seem to suffer the same faults as older models. At 1st Class Garages we have found we are not rebuilding engines or putting new parts in as often as we did in the past. One reason for this is the efficient design and build of modern engines. There have also been advances in the quality of motor oils, meaning engines stay cleaner and run more smoothly for longer.

But, of course, engines still do have problems. A lot of garages these days consider it too much trouble to strip an engine down. At 1st Class Garage we are happy to do this if it is necessary and will prolong the life of a car.

One particular problem we often come across is a cracked head gasket. This can occur when a leak in the cooling system causes the engine to overheat. In extreme cases the heat can make the head gasket crack. If this happens the engine must be stripped in order to repair this fault.

Also, some of the fuels available from supermarket petrol stations don't contain the additives that well-known branded fuels do. This makes the fuel cheaper but also means it is of a lower quality. The lack of additives can cause a build-up of carbon inside the engine, making it 'gum up' and affecting the engine's performance. This requires decoking of the engine, which means stripping the engine down, cleaning the carbon off of the valves, head, and combustion chambers, then rebuilding the engine, to make it run more efficiently.