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Vehicle Recovery

Local and long-distance breakdown recovery

We offer a vehicle recovery service for cars and light vans. Wherever possible, we repair the vehicle at the breakdown site, rather than recovering it back to the workshop. If we can get as much information as possible about the breakdown before we attend, we can normally bring the right sort of tools and equipment out to fix the vehicle on-site. We will only bring a vehicle back to the workshop if we feel it is absolutely necessary.

There is no limit to the distance we will travel to recover a vehicle, although long-distance recoveries will obviously be more expensive. In the past 1st Class Garage mechanics have travelled as far as Plymouth, Bristol, and Birmingham to recover vehicles.

A lot of companies have a recovery charge which includes mileage. For local breakdowns we base our recovery charge purely on our normal hourly rate, plus fuel. However, long-distance recovery costs do include mileage charges. Call us for a quote.