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Wheel Alignment

Keeping your car's wheels aligned

It is very important that all four wheels of a car are aligned precisely, to the manufacturers' specific measurements. If one wheel is out of alignment by even a fraction, it can have an affect on your driving and on the lifespan of the tyre.

With all the speed ramps, bumps, and potholes on the road, it doesn't take a lot to knock a wheel out of alignment. Even just bumping your front wheels up on a kerb can knock their alignment out by a millimetre.

Wheel alignment is not only important for prolonging the life of your tyres. It also assists road holding. If your front wheels are pulling in slightly different directions when you try to turn a corner, your car may have a tendency to 'wander' across the road.

Rear wheels can also go out of alignment on modern cars. Older cars have a solid beam axle on the back, which makes it impossible for the rear wheels to become unaligned. But because of the independent suspension set-up on most new cars, it is also possible for the rear wheels to go out of position.

At 1st Class Garage we use four-wheel laser alignment for the most precise alignment possible. This precision ensures your car tracks properly on the road, and reduces wear on your tyres.